Advanced Ski Touring

Advanced Ski Touring

As both a BASI ISTD Ski Instructor and a UIMLA IML Mountain Leader, I am in the very rare position of being able to lead multi-day ski touring trips, incorporating overnight stays in mountain huts!

If you think you’ve seen all the Portes du Soleil, think again. Drag yourself away from the comforts of your chalet for a night and we’ll head off to the real back-country. Not for the faint-hearted!


Are you ready for adventure?

There’s nothing quite like ski touring in the French and Swiss Alps. If you are a seasoned alpine skiier, but are looking for something a bit different, then Morzine is the place to be. Get in touch with me to plan a great day out ski touring, at the pace you want. I am happy to customise a ski package with you.

Why ski touring?

For the advanced skiier at least, ski touring presents more of a challenge and can be a truly exhilarting experience. 

There was a time when ski touring was just reserved for the winter mountaineer, but today it has become a `popular outdoor recreational activity. 

However, ski touring is not mainstream and never should be. Touring is a serious mountain activity which has to be approached step by step, and under the guidance of IFMGA guides.


Ski touring for fitness

Ski touring provides an incredible opportunity to up your fitness game. I mean really think about it, what better place to get a full body workout than in the fresh air high in the alps? 

Ski touring is a low impact, but high energy activity that exercises the whole body evenly. Getting fit in the gym isn’t as much fun as this!

Ski touring and the goal

By far the best thing about advanced ski touring is reaching a very specific and unique goal. 

As you can imagine, there are many famous ski tours, most of which are 6 days in length; each tour is graded for the difficulty of the skiing and the amount of effort needed. Booking on a ski tour provides a set goal to prepare for and is very satisfying to complete.

Ski touring gives you the best snow

In a place like Morzine, the powder seems to disappear a lot quicker every year. Ski tours can side step the race for fresh snow and the best possible tracks. During my tours we almost always find the best and often times legendary untracked snow. 

The real reason why ski touring is so popular amongst advanced skiiers is because it takes you far away from the ski domains and the crowded world of mainstream skiing.

Ski touring takes us into the untouched backcountry where the best snow is waiting. 

Do you have any questions?

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about skiing in Morzine, Avoriaz, and the surrounding area – even if you don’t need lessons! If you’d also like to know more about pricing and packages, or more information about everything from beginner classes to heli-skiing, feel free to contact me directly by phone or WhatsApp at:

+33 (0) 677052961

Or email:

I am happy to answer any questions you might have, and you are under no obligation to hire me! If you want a face to face, we can Zoom or Skype, whichever you prefer.

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