Ski Touring in Morzine & Les Gets – Explore the Alps

There is simply no better way to explore the winter alpine landscape than on touring skis. I offer everything from introductory sessions for complete beginners to more advanced adventures for more experienced and capable skiers.

What is Ski Touring?

Ski touring is sometimes referred to as ski mountaineering or alpine touring. It’s an exciting adventure that uses special ski equipment, so you can climb and descend slopes, without the  help of a ski lift.

Ski touring emerged from off-piste skiing and ski mountaineering. Ski touring allows us to escape the crowds of recreational skiers, and finding more remote parts in the French Alps, with the freshest amount of snow.

Today, ski touring is one of the fastest growing winter sports in Alpine skiing. If you want to test your stamina and enjoy the uphill as well as the downhill, ski touring is your sport.

I’m not going to lie, ski touring is tough, but it can also be addictive. The effort matched by the reward, the buzz of physical exertion combined with the kick of the downhill. All this amidst breath-taking isolation and with the freshest snow.

I can arrange ski touring lessons for those new to the sport or we can arrange a ski-touring outing for those who have been ski touring previously.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have.

Is ski touring difficult?

Ski touring can be hard work, with a lot of effort needed on the uphill sections. However, the effort is well worth it! You get the thrill of making first tracks on a long descent, well away from the rest of the ski world with the wild splendour of the winter mountains all around you. Best of all, Morzine offers you one of the world’s best ski touring destinations. 

Do I need to be in good shape to go ski touring?

The short answer is YES, absolutely you should be in relatively good shape to truly enjoy ski touring. It’s always best and recommended that you assess your level of skiiing, meaning, are you comfortable on skis? Is skiing a hobby and done often?

It’s also a good idea to take a minute to consider how well you can ski before you head into the backcountry. It’s generally recommended that you can confidently navigate down the blue square (intermediate) runs at a resort before trying backcountry skiing. If you need to work on your ski skills, you might want to consider lessons with me firsts at the resort. 

What gear do you need for ski touring?

Typically, a checklist for ski touring and what types of equipment is essential to  learn before you go. You can of course contact me directly for advice and I can help you with the checklist.

For now, here is an example of some of the items needed:

  • Waterproof/breathable jacket
  • Waterproof/breathable pants
  • Insulated parka
  • Fleece jacket or wool sweater
  • Waterproof gaiters
  • Synthetic hiking pants
  • fleece pants
Will it be difficult with all the equipment?

As already mentioned, the equipment greatly differes from recreational skiing equipment. Unlike hiking or climbing, the ascent is made while wearing skis. ‘Skins’ are attached to the bottom of the skis to provide grip, special ski bindings are added to allow free heel movement for a natural walking rhythm and ski boots are adapted to be lighter and more flexible.

This combination allows you to move effortlessly up hill. It won’t be particularly fast, in fact, it’s a steady climb, but you will be amazed at how quickly you actually gain height. This is where that sense of achievement comes into play, encouraging you to go forward towards the summit.

Once you get there, the skins are removed, you lock down the boots and the bindings, and you are off downhill.

Once you learn how to use the specialist equipment you can access more remote areas of the mountain and discover the freedom and potential of backcountry skiing.

Do you have any questions?

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about skiing in Morzine. If you’d also like to know more about pricing and pacakges or more information about beginner classes.

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